Customizable and Sustainable Emergency Lights

 Totik has contributed towards unique touchpoints and leaving a memorable experience for guests is through a "campaign" with Lippert Components. Using our unique, brandable, portable solar light cubes from LOOLA that was fully customized to their sponsor for their event as a special giveaway item for consumer partners. This was a great way to tie in their sponsor CampScanner by HarvestHosts, allowing for a reusable solar light that is reusable for any setting. Camp settings, emergencies, and casual home usage allow this lantern to not only be relevant to their event but an easy gift that can be used by its attendees. 

Having a reliable light source that is easy to set up in addition to being reusable and customizable is a great addition to any space such as camping and emergency preparation or used as a gift in sponsorships, events, and more. 

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