How Being Prepared with A Portable Solar Light Makes A Difference with TOTIK® Survival

How Light Can Increase Safety and Security


Safety has always been a major concern for people, whether they be in the city, suburbs, or rural areas. As such, we’ve often viewed our line of premium solar lanterns as not just an incredible piece of innovative technology, but as a functional tool in the arsenal of outdoor types, campers, RV park owners, etc. In a field where the installation of lighting can cost tens of thousands of dollars, we offer a portable, cord-free lighting solution to increase the perceived safety of your business.  All of this while not adding anything to your electric bill.

In one experiment performed by the journalistic website “The Conversation”, they had people walk along a street both during the day (as a baseline), and then walk that same street again at night. The variable? How much lighting was on at night. Universally, respondents reported feeling safer the more light was present. An interesting note, however, is that respondents felt more safe when the lighting was consistent and evenly spaced, even if there was less light overall. (

This plays into our lights advantage. Since they’re portable and without cords and wires, you can place them along a path at equal intervals. This will allow not only for more light, but for a consistent light pattern that will direct and calm your patrons. During the day, when lighting is unnecessary, the lights will simply charge, and be ready to go again at the onset of night.

This field of study has been found to be quite effective. Multiple major metropolitan areas are implementing programs to increase lighting in high-crime areas. New Jersey is identifying high-crime areas, and installing high-powered LED lighting. (

New York also led tested these theories, with stunningly good results. In 2016, NYC chose 80 public housing developments based on the last two-years of nighttime crime rates. They then installed high-powered lighting, and after the study concluded, found a 39% reduction in nighttime crime rates. (

However, you don’t need a major city budget to benefit from the work they’ve put in to doing the research. Our lights are LED powered, up to 90 lumens, and able to be placed wherever and however you need them. Don’t waste time and money installing massive (and costly) lighting rigs, simply take our lights and move them to where they’re needed most.

This will not only leave your guests feeling safer, but will leave your pocketbook feeling snug and secure as well. And with our next generation Neriah range set to launch, you’ll get even more life, functionality and flexibility out of your purchase.


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